Comments taken from recent Parent Evaluations


 "I think St. John's provides a wonderful introduction to school life in a very nurturing and caring environment. The teachers are all so creative and patient."


"St. John's provides a safe and comfortable environment where children are happy to absorb all of the fundamental skills needed for a bright academic future."


"I can't believe how much my child has learned. There is a wonderful balance of academics and play time."


"My primary goal was for my son to love school. I believe that wanting to go to school and being so excited about it is the first step to education and my expectations were far exceeded."


"I am delighted with how fantastic and full of academics the kindergarten program is for my child. I am amazed what kindergarteners can learn about the world at St. John's."


"I love bringing my children to school each week. The fun and creative projects they work on and the wonderful times they share with their classmates and teachers are so rewarding. We are grateful for being able to send our children to St. John's."


"My child loves going to chapel and we are so grateful for this part of the curriculum. I was amazed at what my child learned in academics and religion."