Morning Session - Monday-Friday - 9:00-12:15
Full Day Session - Monday-Friday - 9:00-2:15
Morning Session + Some Afternoons - Monday-Friday - 9:00-2:15

  • An "Early Admission" form must be completed for any child who is not five by September 1, 2020.
  • Maximum of 20 children with a teacher and assistant.
  • Annual Tuition:
    • Morning Session: $4,352
    • Full Day Session: $6,895
    • Morning Session + 2 Afternoons: $5,477
    • Morning Session + 3 Afternoons: $6,106
    • Morning Session + 4 Afternoons: $6,547
    • Morning Session + 5 Afternoons: $6,895

St. John's Kindergarten helps children build proficiency and confidence in beginning reading, writing, and spelling using the Open Court phonics-based program along with the Recipe for Reading series. Our hands-on approach in math helps the children by using manipulative and problem-solving skills. Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music are an integral part of our program. We use the One In Christ CPH curriculum for our devotions and the children go to Chapel each week.

We expand on skills in the afternoon by offering an extension of literary themes, computer activities, creating writing, and exploration through play.

Our Kindergarten is a developmentally-appropriate, educationally-engaging program. Our goal is to develop the whole child through independence, growth in self-esteem, and to continue to develop a love of learning.

St. John's Kindergarten is unique in that it allows children to transition from a half-day of school to a full day of school. Families can determine participation in the Kindergarten Full Day on a month-to-month basis.