Four-Year-Old Program


Three Day
Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 9:15-12:00
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday - 9:15-12:00

Five Day
Monday-Friday - 9:15-12:00

  • Maximum of 20 children with a teacher and assistant.
  • Annual Tuition - Three Days: $2,354
  • Annual Tuition - Five Days: $3,985

Fours Afternoon Enrichment (AE) Classes (October-May)
Afternoons - Monday-Friday - 12:15-2:15

  • Maximum of 20 children with a teacher and assistant.
  • Annual Tuition:
    • 1AE/wk: $400
    • 2AE/wk: $800
    • 3AE/wk: $1,200
    • 4AE/wk: $1,600
    • 5AE/wk: $2,000

St. John's Four-Year-Old Program offers students the opportunity to learn, play, and grow in a warm and caring environment. A theme-based curriculum is used to foster learning in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Music, and Art. Emphasis is placed on reading and math readiness skills. Children learn the alphabet in order from A to Z using a "Letter of the Week" approach. Open Court Alphabet Sound Cards and interactive poems help the students learn to relate sounds to letters. Beginning handwriting skills are introduced. Math readiness is taught through a variety of hands-on learning activities including counting, sorting, and making patterns with blocks, beads, and other small manipulatives.

A typical day includes a balance of structured learning experiences as well as opportunities for participation in free-play, arts and crafts, music, and drama. Group activities are used to promote the development of strong social skills and positive peer relationships. Playground time outside or music and movement activities inside make physical exercise a part of each day. Music class is offered twice a month giving students the opportunity to participate in a variety of musical experiences including singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

Using the One In Christ CPH curriculum, the students are nurtured spiritually during daily devotion time. A morning Chapel service with singing and a children's message is offered on a weekly basis. Parents are invited to attend. Regular visits to the school library to check out books are scheduled throughout the year. Parents are invited to sign up to be a guest reader during library time.

The Fours Afternoon Enrichment program provides students with the opportunity to extend their day until 2:15. During this time students learn, play, and enjoy lunch together. Monthly themes have been designed to spark the curiosity of our little learners while providing lots of opportunities for hands-on learning. Examples of monthly themes include Adventures in Reading, Bible Adventures, Creative Cooking, Math and Science Beginnings, Music and Movement, Nature Exploration, Seasonal Adventures, and Young Artists Workshop. Parents can determine participation in the Fours Afternoon Enrichment program on a month-to-month basis.