About Us

St. John's Lutheran School is a mission and ministry of St. John's Lutheran Church in Glen Arm, Maryland. The church was founded in 1849.

St. John's Lutheran Church operated a Kindergarten from 1955 until 1968 when public Kindergarten began in Baltimore County. The Nursery School program began in 1969 and has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education since 1980.

The school has steadily expanded resulting in the addition of many more preschool classes and the start of a new Kindergarten program in September 2008.

St. John's Lutheran School is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education and all teachers are required to have a degree in education with a minimum of 12 Early Childhood credits or a Bachelor's degree with commensurate experience. Assistant teachers must have a high school diploma and a minimum of 90 hours of Early Childhood training. Participation in continuing Early Childhood Education is required of all staff.

Teacher to student ratios vary depending on age level and range from 1:4 for  two-year-olds, 1:8 for three-year-olds, and 1:10 for four-year-olds and Kindergarten.